Employee Care
Well Established Benefit System

We provide employees with a physically and mentally healthy workplace and environment, where there are leisure and recreational facilities and all kinds of books for employees to use and borrow. Employee clubs also plan and organize various creative activities every month and team competitions from time to time for employees and their family. Through such activities, we aim to boost employee morale and develop team understanding after work. The Employee Welfare Committee (EWC) with representatives selected by each department keeps pace with the times to provide employees with a wide variety of benefits. They include the year-end party and lucky draw, year-end bonuses and employee benefits, cash gifts on three major folk festivals, birthday parties and cash gifts, employee travel subsidies, children education grants and scholarships, subsidies for matrimonies and funerals, emergency assistance funds, childbirth cash gifts and hospitalization solace funds for employees or spouses, health examinations, employee cafeteria, meal subsidies and one bottle of milk daily, employee club activities, employee health management and counseling channels, and are meant to improve work quality through voluntary care for employees. In addition to the Labor Insurance and the National Health Insurance mandated by the government of Taiwan, we purchase group accident and medical insurance for employees, with coverage including hospitalization and cancer prevention and accidents and occupational hazards. We purchase accident insurance with minimum coverage of NT$10 million for employees on an overseas business trip and pay all the premiums to protect the life of employees. We establish a pension reserve supervisory committee and contribute the monthly pension fund special account requested by law at the Central Trust of China for custody. We also contribute a fixed amount enterprise contribution to the personal pension account of employees every month in accordance with the Labor Pension Act. The Vietnam subsidiary also purchases Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance as mandated by the government and group insurance for local employees. The coverage includes social insurance, medical insurance, and unemployment insurance to protect the life of employees. Employee pensions will be disbursed by insurance organizations.

Maintenance of Physical and Mental Health

We always treat employees as our most important asset and capital. Therefore, we organize mountaineering, hiking, and related health promoting activities for employees to maintain adequate spiritual relaxation after busy work. In addition to the frequency of employee health examinations, the health examination reports are the reference for improvement and health promotion and a guide for follow-up and prevention. In hardware, apart from simple wound dressing equipment, we have purchased blood pressure meters, thermometers, blood glucose meters, scales and body fat monitors, height and waist measuring instruments for employees to monitor their blood pressure, blood glucose, height/weight, and BMI index, etc., at any time. The health examination and management in Taiwan includes the employee health examination and the health examination for employees engaging in special work. We also open a file to gather the reports of each employee, follow up anomalies, and prevent communicable diseases. In psychological health management, we team up with the counseling mechanism of Nantou Lifeline. In health promotion, we combine internal and external organizational resources with health check hospitals and regional hospitals to disseminate healthcare knowledge and organize health talks. Every month, we continue to organize the employee hiking and mountaineering activities and spread them to employees’ family. Apart from strengthening physical and mental health, sports will relax our mind and promote family harmony and health to communities. Vietnam factories are equipped with nurses (full time) and an infirmary. We also plan to hire contract physicians to inspect the factory environment. Apart from giving professional opinions on workplace safety and health management, these medical specialists provide medical consultation and health education for employees, assist on ESH management, and improve the prevention and control of occupational diseases. We also distribute health education materials and health information to employees by email to further spread to all workers, in order to improve health education and personal health skill training and strengthen employee education in areas of nutrition, sports, and mental health. By doing so, we aim to progressively construct health knowledge in employees, so that they can receive complete physical, mental, and spiritual care.

Activity picture
  • Taiwan Plant: Year-end Party

  • Taiwan Plant: Monthly employee mountaineering and hiking.

  • Taiwan Plant: Internal health lecture.

  • Taiwan Plant: Internal health lecture.

  • Taiwan Plant: Health examination.

  • Vietnam Plant: Employee leisure—ballgame fields.

  • Vietnam Plant: Basketball competition.

  • Vietnam Plant: Infirmary.